About Us

Destination Fitness is family-owned and operated. We are a mother/daughter team who have helped hundreds of men, women and their families accomplish their health and fitness goals for almost 30 years now, and we’re NOT done yet! From beginner to advanced, male or female, teenager or senior, we will customize a program that suits YOU.

At Destination Fitness we know you can lead the best life possible by implementing a healthy self-care routine which requires the following aspects of health & wellness:

Your Healthy Selfcare Routine will get your mind and body working synergistically for you. Every day that you move, every simple meal that you prepare, every healthy decision that you make, and every positive change that you make will enable you to reach your optimal health and wellbeing for your body, mind, and spirit.

Our custom programs are not just about how much weight you lose; there is so many more great things about reaching your optimal health and living your best life than what the scale can tell you. We will guide you through all the healthy habits that will help you reach your optimal weight, increase your overall health, gain confidence, increase your focus and energy so you can create the life you want, plus greatly impact the lives of future generations to come! These healthy habits are what will ultimately contribute to your long-term health.

Our Hybrid In-Studio training program and @Home virtual resistance training program allows our members to get their training in everyday . Our Health Coaches will lock arms with you, and guide you through the right nutrition plan to help you reach your healthy weight goals, and maintain it.

We don’t stop there, with the combination of our Hybrid and @Home training programs , virtual nutritional coaching program, and our online community of like-minded & supportive individuals, we will help you install all the healthy habits necessary to reach your optimal health AND sustain it for life!