Destination Fitness Virtual Training Transformation Stories

I was stressed, overwhelmed and managed my work and life anxiety with food. I have regained control about what goes into my body and that for the most part it should be fuel not garbage.
I’m halfway through to my goal weight loss, 55 down in 3 1/4 months, working on building the version of me that can be happy, healthy and manage life stress with healthier habits and nurturing my mind and soul in the process.

I was 27, over 230lb, horribly unhealthy and out of shape.
Fast forward to the end of 2020 two and a half years into my health and fitness journey at 207lb when I found Stephanie. Her program has given me the tool to get my state of mind right and be able to conquer obstacles I never through possible. I’m now bouncing around 185lb but have trimmed up immensely not to mention the lifelong health habits I have picked up along the way and will continue to use in my journey going forward.

Where I was: After so many go arounds of losing weight only to put it back on; I was 44, tired & dumpy –
looking ahead to a summer with no clothes that fit! The program has taught me how to enjoy exercise; how to embrace healthy eating habits; and how to achieve a mindset that allows me to make good choices. I am now 30 lbs lighter; fit as I have ever been, feeling great, and confident with a healthy lifestyle that I know I can stay with & manage!

I was heavier than I had ever been in my life and stuck in a cycle of bad choices. Stephanie’s program taught me to take responsibility for my choices. I am happy now because my successes are mine, so are my failures and I have learned that you can transform who you are by making better choices for you.

I was 50 pounds over weight, hopeless, and depressed. I had fallen out of healthy habits, tried ALL the fad diets, thought I might have a thyroid problem, slow metabolism, or maybe I was getting too old to achieve a healthy weight! I was just about to resign myself to being a chubby, complacent mom over 40!
I renewed my motion and meals habit, integrated the healthy habits of hydration, sleep, meditation, and surroundings, and founded a tribe of people, just like me, for accountability, inspiration and motivation.
In 5 years I reached my healthy weight, competed in 4 bodybuilding shows, created a coaching program, and community, to help other women get their Health Mojo back, and I am now living an active and energized life with my family, that I can be proud of.

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