For the past 25 years, we have helped others transform their bodies and their lives through physical fitness, nutritional education, and weight training.


Hour or half hour resistance training sessions, one on one or with a partner, are designed specifically for each individual client’s needs. Learn proper form and weight lifting techniques. Receive custom meal plan, recipe book, plus food and supplement suggestions. Training packages available.


Over this 6 week period you get unlimited, instructor lead, for women by women, group training, custom meal plans and recipes, access to our online Facebook community and Accountability coaching. During this program, our goal is to create healthy, long lasting, weight maintaining, strength building habits so you never have to wonder about how to lose weight ever again.


Unlimited Monthly Training Program for women.

We offer 1 hour group training, fully instructed, at scheduled times throughout the day. Learn proper and safe weight lifting techniques, combined with abs and cardio in each session. 3x a week training is sufficient for this program, but if you want to work with real intensity, to gain maximum results, you can come 6 days a week!


This goal oriented program, is calculated by desired weight loss goal, the time it will take to reach that goal and maintain it. As long as you show up for your scheduled workouts, follow the meal plan we put in place, take the supplements we suggest, and stay accountable to your personal coach, we will get you to your goal weight within set time frame, or work with you, for FREE until you do. This program can be done in studio with our Fit Training Program, 1:1 or Duet training, or remotely(personal coach for nutrition, daily accountability, bi weekly coaching calls, with workout and training goals set outside the studio)

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